“Mia Fora Camp” was founded in 1999 in Nea Skioni, Halkidiki, Greece. It is a “family” camp where everyone becomes a member of our wonderful company, no one feels alone!. We are the ideal place for a child to socialize and build everlasting friendships. But more than that, we are a school of life for children.

Children who learn to socialize with others and understand how others feel about them tend to have a better future at their profession, they feel more satisfied and achieve their goals with greater success, compared to children who have difficulty to socialize.
At Mia Fora Camp, the camper socialize through coexistence, through collective activity, makes new friends and becomes a member of the camping community. Children learn that by contributing to the camp life, they participate in life itself and become a part of it. From participating in group activities to daily cleaning and entertainment our campers learn to work collectively, are rewarded for their collective effort and learn how difficult it is to make individual sacrifices that will benefit the team. They believe more in themselves giving them the resources needed to set and achieve their goals in the future.

At our camp, children find the right way of education that will later help them shape a more successful life. Like a parent in a family, our camp becomes a conduit of behavior and rules for the child. Not through strict enforcement of the rules but with the right direction of behavior and function, children learn to respect the rules and the other campers and all this in a wonderful environment, with fun and games, without feeling oppressed.

The environment also plays an important role in the proper education and upbringing of a child. In this our camp presents a multitude of advantages. Children come close to nature, learn about the tradition and wisdom of our ancestors, work in groups and learn practically with their own participation. They become independent and without guidance they learn to believe more in their own strengths.

Summer means fun, sun & water!

Extremely popular water activities for our campers include the swimming pool, the huge water slide, our water park as well as the daily swimming in the wonderful blue sea of Nea Skioni, Halkidiki which has been awarded with a blue flag.