Bar & Disco

The nights in "Miafora camp" are fantastic!!

In the bar and the disco, you and your friends will live unforgettable moments, dance, sing and build friendships that will last a lifetime!!

Experience Greek night life!

Over here, music and partying never stop!

How long can you take it?

The Big Game

In our camp, in an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, there are facilities exclusively used for the Big Game. Organic products cultivation, Greek traditional cuisine, home economics and farmer's life workshops take place in this area. For such workshops we have been awarded by international organizations (e.g. I.O.V., UNESCO etc.). Campers take part in our workshops in groups and experience the "Big Game". Every workshop is a stop of the game that offers opportunities to be creative, to gain knowledge, to have fun and to win points! The winning team gets commemorative awards!

The Big Game:

  • It takes you back to the magical times when all was pure and hand-made.
  • It imparts pieces of universal wisdom, upon which today's technology was based.
  • It strengthens your confidence, so that you can believe in your own abilities.

It develops your ecological consciousness and raises your awareness regarding the environment.