One-day cruise

One-day cruise by the beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki and Mount Athos.

See the amazing beaches of Chalkidiki and get to know Mount Athos.

And along with that, you can have wild parties with an incredible company!

Excursion to Thessaloniki

One-day excursion to the second largest city in Greece!

Thessaloniki will definitely surprise you with its beauty, picturesqueness and history.

But, apart from this, you will have the opportunity to go out with your friends in Thessaloniki, do some shopping and make this excursion unforgettable.

Beach bars

Visits to beach bars of Chalkidiki, especially frequented by tourists.

You can enjoy your coffee, shaved ice and a lot of dives with your friends in the beautiful sea waters of Chalkidiki!

Play games, swim, enjoy your refreshment...

And engage in all of this in wonderful, sunny places which you will fall in love with!

Night Clubs

Nights out in the clubs will be forever engraved on your memory and you will see for yourself that Greece offers an exciting night life!!

Music, dance, party...

Words, the meanings of which you will reconsider after these nights out!