Wall Climbing

Climb to the top of the wall as quickly as possible!

Beat the clock using your climbing skills and you will feel great when you reach the top of the wall.

But adrenaline will certainly keep flowing during the descent as well.


Omega at the slope of the forest offers a different kind of excitement. Put on the necessary equipment and feel your adrenaline rising, as you accelerate and go from the one side of the mountain to the other!

Mountain climbing

Explore amazing climbing routes with your friends and camp in beautiful forests!

You will experience the amazing feeling of freedom that this activity provides, you will get to see beautiful landscapes and have a great time!

Bike riding

Do you like riding a bike? During this activity you will get to practice your favorite sport, improve your skills and stamina, tread beautiful trails and all this in an amazing group that shares the same passion as you...

Bike riding!


Archery is one of the finest Olympic sports!

Aim right, hold your breath and hit the target.

Win the championship and add the medal from "Miafora camp" to your collection, as a reminder of your superiority at the specific sport.


Practice shooting!

Take the gun of "Miafora camp" and aim at the targets. When the time of the championship has come, show everybody what you gained by long-hour training!