Sun, sand and wonderful waters!

Could you dream anything better for your vacations?

Swimming in the renowned waters of the Aegean Sea day after day, on beautiful beaches with beach bars and cafés, among which you can choose, will certainly make the best possible impression on you and keep you company for the whole winter!

Swimming pool

The crystal-clear water of the swimming pool awaits you and your friends for daily diving and endless fun!

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more reviving and fun than diving and playing with your friends in the swimming pool of "Miafora camp".

Just take a dive and a fascinating experience begins!


Water slide

The big water slide of "Miafora camp" entertains all of the campers.

The rushing water of our water slide leads you to the swimming pool, leaving you with a huge smile across your face!

Have fun and discover your inner child!

Sea Canoe-Kayaking

Get to know Sea Canoe-Kayaking in "Miafora camp".

Travel on the waters of the Aegean Sea and feel the freedom and independence that Sea Canoe-Kayaking has to offer!

Being in a canoe, with the endless sea unfolding in front of your eyes... Simply wonderful!