Folk art - Tradition

"Miafora camp" is a member of the International Organization of Folk Art (I.O.V.) and a member of UNESCO.

In "Miafora camp" and an area of about 10,000 square meters, there are facilities for workshops and museums, where teaching takes place. During these workshops, we perpetuate our grandfathers' wisdom, shape culture and help young people secure the knowledge they gained in their educational systems through practical learning.

In "Miafora camp" you will find facilities for the following workshops:

  1. Bread cycle.
    • Ploughing with horse and share
    • Threshing with a forked pole
    • Wheat milling in a windmill
    • Sieving
    • Bread kneading
    • Baking in a traditional oven
  2. Thread cycle.
    • Wool carding - carder
    • Spinning with distaff
    • Spinning wheel - Loom
  3. Cheese - yogurt cycle.
    • Milking – Coagulation of cheese - Coagulation of yogurt
  4. Wine – Tsipouro cycle.
    • Grape food-treading
    • Grape must
    • Distillation in a traditional distillery
    • Tsipouro preparation
  5. Oil cycle.
    • Olive harvesting
    • Oil production in a traditional oil press (Galiagraia)
  6. Traditional soap preparation process
  7. Visit in a traditional museum exhibiting all tools relevant to countryside activities

The advantage of these workshops, which have to do with living tradition, culture and folk art, has spiked the interest of young people from countries all over the world!